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Hi, my name is Roy Ozaki. I am passionate about losing the sympathetic pressure and ridicule of Japanese culture. I have lived in Japan for 34 years since I was born. In particular, I experienced a situation in which I had to prioritize the joy of my parents over the correctness of my thoughts in my life with them. I grew up feeling that it was foolish to have my own will and thoughts, and that it was impossible to express it. As a result, I was able to behave like my teachers and older people, but I never knew what I was. In addition, I have seen people who give pressure and meetings like races that cannot be seriously discussed even if they become members of society. I'm tired of Japanese culture, which focuses on people's mood rather than facts, such as ridicule by speaking and discussions to please the boss rather than to achieve the purpose. I like the world where there are many people who can clearly say what they like, what they value and how they live, without giving too much weight to the complexion around them. It's a waste of time for young people to stop thinking and listen to their surroundings, so can't we support them rather than ridicule them? So I am passionate about losing this Japanese sympathetic pressure and ridicule culture. Thank you for visiting this page!

Here is Roy Ozaki's page.

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